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About Bill

   Bill is  infamous for creating the Cannaterian Religion in March of 2015. Then on July 1st 2015, he successfully opened The First Church of Cannabis to world wide acclaim. He was featured on Late Night with Steven Colbert and was Interviewed by Tommy Chong on his talk show along with hundreds of other reports. The Deity Dozen (Cannaterians core beliefs) have been translated and published in 27 languages world wide.

   Bill has been a loving fixture in the Indiana culture his whole life. From the days of his band promotions, restaurants, party bus, retail outlets, Jolt Cola, all the way through helping the tattoo industry unit, Bill continues to be stand up honest man who has foresight and compassion. He has the drive to make people happy. He listens. He is the fresh new honest leader that our state currently needs. He is not owned by corporations. He is driven to passion by doing what's right for the people. To join the team or to support this ticket, reach out today to make Indiana better for all Hoosiers.

Even his campaign motto says it all.

"Let's have fun and get this done!" 

LEVIN 2020 Inc Committee to Elect Bill Levin
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