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As Governor of the state ,I plan on focusing on these issues. I will strongly urge the House and Senate to do the same. Health, Education and Welfare of Hoosiers is paramount to a more free Indiana both through economical and personal freedoms.

Issues that matter to Hoosiers, Issues that Impact You

Ballot Initiative 

Let THE PEOPLE have a VOICE in their Future. Your choices should not be limited to what the government believes what is best for you. You should own that right. You should have your voice heard every day on the issues that impact you, your family, and your community. Legislatures have silenced us and we deserve better. You deserve better. 


K through 12 is the largest budget item for Indiana at 7.8 billion dollars. And yet, the teachers and kids are still going without. The next governor is going to get to appoint the Secretary of Education. This option, this choice, should be given to the power of the people. The education for our children isn’t in our hands anymore. Our choices are being limited and our money is being wasted on administration and failed programs, like IREAD and IReady. Currently, legislatures are using funds to teach kids how to take tests and memorize facts; we have lost the ability to give kids the best opportunity for their futures. We can work together with teachers and parents to take that back. Losing a real education to testing is wasting our money and our children’s potential. Administrators’ salaries are reaching 6 figures while our teachers are purchasing supplies out of their own paychecks. Legislatures should be working with parents and teachers to hold school boards accountable for those allocation. Your next governor should be working with you to find and present solutions that aren’t a one-size-fits-all education. All politics is local. We need to remove those barriers out of the way so that the local school boards can pay teachers what they deserve.



Let’s just come out and say it, Indiana has a gambling problem. First, it was the lottery. Sorry honey. Lost that money. Then, we tried river boat gambling. Sorry, kids, we lost that money too. Now, let’s try live dealers and sports gambling. At what point do we tell the state house to go to rehab because we have bills to pay. Our roads are crumbling.  But who says the government isn’t efficient? They worked their magic to pass a gas tax that goes up every year without a vote, making us one of the highest gas taxes in the country. Here’s the kick, that money, the same money that they told us would go to improve our roads, going into the general fund. That same money, raised for our roads, can’t be earmarked for roads. We need a mechanism, transparency and accountability, that guarantees our money is used on the projects that they continue to tax us for year after year. They shouldn’t be able to use our money year after year on failed and unneeded projects. Why are the needs of the people going ignored? If we can afford to subsidize every big corporation, why can’t we fix the roads their employees use? Rob Kendall recently stated that Holcomb has raised taxes over a billion dollars with the excuse that they would be used for the roads. But the budget for transportation is only 45 million dollars. So where is that going? One very obvious department is Health and Human services, which includes Hip 2.0. That budget is 4.25 billion dollars. They will pay for the ambulance for you to get to the hospital. Just pray that the roads are good enough to get there.  So why is the transportation budget one of the lowest of all the general appropriations? That’s easy. And let’s be honest about this too. If the government wants more money, it’s always for the kids or the roads. Now is the time to hold them accountable for their promises, because our kids are going to be paying for these mistakes if we don’t. Enough is enough. No more gambling with our money. Promises made should be promises kept. Money for roads goes to the roads, because our needs should always come before the needs of the government.


Criminal Justice Reform

Let’s be clear. I know who I am. I am a Cannabis activist. I wouldn’t deny that.  The first step in criminal justice reform is to decriminalize cannabis in Indiana. This isn’t just a criminal issue, it’s a health issue. We see the positives of this in a variety of places and in a variety of forms. Portugal has shown that treatment works better than punishment. We can look at local options. Morgan County has a rehab system with has a proven high success rate. Localizing the treatment rather than going after nonviolent crimes has better results for the individual and the community. These reform programs offer opportunities for learning, developing new skills, and have high success rates for a decrease in further drug use. We waste so much money and resources that could be used to solve violent crimes that impact all of us. In Marion County, when the prosecutor stopped criminalizing personal use, the jail over population drastically dropped, saving tax dollars and stopped hurting the opportunities for Hoosiers to better their lives. In addition, decriminalization of cannabis shows correlations in a drop in murder rates, such as Washington state that had an average of 13% decrease in violent crimes. We spend a lot of money to bust so called “potheads”, but currently have almost 5 thousand untested rape kits. How many rape kits could be tested for the cost to imprison one nonviolent criminal for the conservative estimate of $37, 500 a year? A kit cost $1,500 to run. That’s 25 tests that could be ran. That’s 25 individuals who could get answers. That 25 violent crimes that our state ignores. We have a broken system. People aren’t getting justice. This should make you angry. This makes me angry. It’s insane. The balance of our system isn’t adding up. We need to hold our system accountable for this. Together.  If we just released 200 nonviolent incarcerated individuals, we could test every single kit. Every single one.



Currently, Indiana has active contaminated sites in Johnson, Elkart, Lake, Howard, Monroe, and Marion counties. Our federal government is providing grants for these dumping sites. That’s our money, money that could be used to make our own personal impacts to our communities cleaner and greener.  Solar is an example of what could be done. Indiana is currently ranked 23 in solar use. The average cost, with current regulations in Indiana, for solar power averages around $32 thousand dollars in addition to the permits we must ask the government permission to have. On top of that, your own solar home can be condemned under Indiana law for not using electricity. People want to take better care of their neighborhoods, their homes, and their environments. They see the need. They want to live in a cleaner world. So, why is the government making us beg them to do so? Why the extraordinary costs to take care of the environment? The current electrical companies are working with legislatures to monopolize our choices. We can go cleaner and greener by pushing back against legislation that prevents us from doing so with massive costs and endless bureaucracy. Get government out of the way, so people can do what they need to do for a cleaner tomorrow.





LOVING EACH OTHER... We need more of that. One Love, Indiana, and it all starts with you.

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